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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 13, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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that lit up the billboards across the bay area and the state was not needed. >> a wicked winter wallop leaves behind snow and ice on the east coast. drivers are left stranded on the roads late into the night. there are widespread flight implications. we have meteorologist, mike nicco, on the roof with a look at very doggy weather. the bay bridge is less than a mile away. around the bay be it is fore with live doppler 7 hd is seeing the reduction in visibility. two at sfo and oakland and three at hayward and 1.5 in san carlos. a mile in san jose. now it is developing in the north bay or hit the santa rosa station at 1.5 visibility. the day planner shows foggy
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through 10:00 or 11:00 and then fade to clouds and low-to-mid 60's from noon through the afternoon. then clouds by 7:00 and mild and mid-to-upper 50's. inland we have lessing for than yesterday and mild temperatures and low-to-mid 50's through 7:00 and mid-to-upper 60's because of the extra sunshine and also in the upper 50's at 7:00 with clouds and the coast: foggy and 52 and clouds and upper 50's for the better part of afternoon and clouds thicken this evening and 55 degrees. here is leyla gulen with the details. the ferry engines are ready to sail. >> we have mass transit running on time but now we have a couple of incidents reported by c.h.p. in tran we have this accident reported eastbound of 80 at 7th. there is another westbound 80 at fremont. we are trying to get clarification which are blocking two lanes with some delays in the westbound direction.
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to the east bay we go, westbound 580 an accident is blocking the lane. bay bridge toll plaza shows traffic loading up with headlights loading in the cash-paying lanes and metering lights are not turned on. >> breaks overnight, two were injured in a fire near san francisco state university. the fire started shortly after midnight at the apartments on camden drive. firefighters say the flames were confined to a 6th floor unit. crews evacuated 200 residents including many students as a precautionary measure because of the smoke. >> new video showing bart police tasering a man. >> danger. danger. danger. >> police say they were forced to use a taser on a man who reisted arrest on january 29. he was drunk and harassing passengers. he had a "no bail arrest"
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warrant for parole violation. an investigation is underway and the video has been forwarded to the independent police auditor for review. amy hollyfield is headed to the station where it began with a report at 6:30. in oakland police are questioning a "person of interest" after amber alert went statewide. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard has the latest from oakland on the false alarm. >> oakland police have a lot of questions for the "person of interest" wanting to know they will not say if he is a suspect although he is pick up. he was in this surveillance video. it is believed high shoplifted from the safeway and carjacked a man, but it turns out the girl
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in the vehicle was an adult and they know each other. police had no choice but to assume the worse and call for the amber alert. >> it would be negligent and a failure if we did not take that information and move it forward in the proper fashion. >> the amber alerts with canceled. witnesses say mccamey was seen hack out at the safeway. he stole steak and lobster and armed with a knife. in oakland a funeral service is planned for 15-year-old denzel jones. he was fatally shot outside the west oakland boys and girls club on february 1. the while student was talking to a 35-year-old who also died in the shooting. a $20,000 reward is offered to catch killers. >> officials in contra costa county have confirmed a flu death, a man in his 50's with
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underlying health issues died, the sixth reported flu deck. there are now 45 confirmed flu desks in the bay area. officials remind us the vaccine is particularly effective flighting the environmental and not too late to be vaccinated. >> uber will perform expanded background checks on the drivers saying they will employ an independent screening service that uses a multistate criminal database. they relied on background checks already performed by state and local agencies. the move comes after a wrongful death lawsuit was filed against uber because of a san francisco accident that left a six-year old girl dead. >> thousands of technical workers have a new way to get to work. facebook has a new ferry service to shuttle employees. this month, google ended the trial run of ferry service if the employees and now is evaluating whether to resume the
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private ferry service this year. from north carolina, video showing drivers stuck on snow-covered roads after a winter wallop now stretching through the mid-atlantic states into new england. our reporter is in washington, dc, with the very latest. it look like the snow has been falling through the night. >> it has. it has been snowing all morning long. we have been battling freezing rain. the storm arrived here overnight. this is part of the country that is used to these conditions but people play it safe and staying home. this morning, a mammoth winter storm is ravaging the east coast, 100 million members are waking up to snow, ice, can freezing rain. the storm downed trees and knocked out power to hundreds of thousands. in virginia the national guard is on stand by. salt trucks and plows are out if heavy force. >> we can handle it. snow is always a problem but
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that is what we are here for. >> it socked the south leaving dangerous ice. a traffic mess in raleigh, north carolina, car after car abandoned on the highway. >> avoid i-85 at all times. people ran if cover after a trapped car caught fire. the north carolina governor warned resolution democrats to stay off the roads. >> do not put your stupid hat on. protect yourself. recollect your family. protect your neighbors. protect each other. >> this woman's daughter was nearly crushed when a tree fell on her home. hearing the tree crack and seeing it land on my daughter's bedroom window was traumatic. >> 4,000 flights have been canceled impacting. 5 million passengers nation wide the many have had enough. >> i am played out with the snow. it make my job twice as hard. >> the federal government is
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closed today. vice president biden had a meeting on capitol hill but that is not going to happen. schools and businesses are also closed. more flights scrapped in the bay area with san francisco international airport has 64 cancellations according to www. flightaware.comwith close to 70 cancellations yesterday. oakland and san jose have not reported canlations yet. >> it may not be icy for the incoming flights. >> it foggy with delays at sfo. we need to find out how long and pass it on to you. a picture at dulles, outside of washington, dc, they have a hard time getting the snow cleared and they are having issues there. the rain and snow is right near washington, dc, up 95 to
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baltimore, and toward newark. that is going to head inland toward philadelphia, newark, and new york as we head through the day. boston will stay snowed in. through atlanta, snow showers. it will be better in the afternoon. if you are taking bart, all the stations listed here in the low-to-mid 50's. as we move forward if our forecast, we have sprinkles across the north bay today and tomorrow with clouds today and partly sunny tomorrow and temperatures are the same, cooler this weekend with a chance of rain saturday night into mound and a timetable and the amounts in the big weather. >> awe take out the foggy drive. in san francisco, the fog is rolling in. we have clarification on a couple of accidents reported by the c.h.p. eastbound at 7th at 80, the red is because of the crash. it is blocking two lanes. c.h.p. has taken them off with traffic dissipating. we have another one possibly
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westbound 80 at fremont, that is where you will find that. starting with the san mateo bridge, under heavy fog, really rolled in, nice and thick so use the low beams and drive carefully. the golden gate bridge is looking foggy. be careful. richmond and san rafael bridge is full of color right now so there you go. it is much better and clearer picture. who knew there was a rainbow out there? >> car, ins shutting down and a new recall issued by the largest automakers. >> a massive merger between comcast and time warner only three hours olded and there is big opposition. >> a dairy controversy is ending. all ahead.
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covering fremont, palo alto, authority bay and all bay area, in is abc7 news. welcome back, it is 6:14. the bay bridge toll plaza shows as much of the bay bridge as we have seen this morning. you cannot even make owe the actual bay bridge but you can make out the headlights as traffic is backing up. general motors issued a recall for 7890,000 compact cars covering chevrolet cobalts and pontiac from 2005-2007 with the engines shutting down unexpectly and causing crashes. six have died. remove everything from the key ring but for the keys until the car is fixed. heavy key rings can cause ignition switches to move into the "off" position. comcast is taking over tomorrow warmer cable if a deal worth $45
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billion and would give comcast 30 million subscribers in new york, los angeles, chicago, and san francisco. the comcast and time warner cable borders have approved the deal. media watch dogs say it will lead to higher prices for consumers. advise on brushing teeth of young children. the dental association recommends using a pea sized amount toothpaste on new baby teeth twice a day as soon as they appear that is different from the advice to begin at age two. dentists say this reduces cavities in young are parents after a review of 17 studies publish this month in the journal of the american dental association. >> chibani will donate 5,000 cups of yogurt to food banks
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after the yogurt was held up in a refrigerateed warehouse at newark after the russian authorities say the department of agriculture failed to provide a necessary certificate under the customs rules. apple is making it clear the parts and supplies do not come from war zones. in a new report released the cupertino company confirms they are not using metals from the congo known money sours sourcesr warlords and are pushing to make sure sure services are conflict free after releasing a report eight years ago over poor working conditions at the factory in china. when we say weather and traffic together, we noon it this morning with the fog playing a relative in the traffic for drives. we will start there with leyla gulen. thank you, ladies, through
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san francisco clarification on a couple of accidents, eastbound and westbound a couple of problems. eastbound 80 at 7th, and you come off the bay bridge, westbound side of 80 at fremont we have another accident blocking when one and two lanes because of the fog. at the bay bridge toll plaza we saw the metering lights have been turned on and we have delays away from the maze. as you make it from east to west it will take you 20 minutes. speaking of fog and the weather, we will talk to mike nicco and see what is happening. >> people tell me to get my head out of the clouds, it is hard today. you cannot see the bay bridge, you can barely see the ferry building.
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>> this was a rain signature off to our north but it is fading the last couple of hours. we will have sprinkles in the north by the next 24 to 48 hours. santa rosa is 1.75 visibility. throw in oakland. two at sfo. flight arrival delays at sfo. a mile visibility at san jose. 280 and 17 is supposed to be, anyway, but it is hard to say on the camera because of the thick fog. emeryville shows headed to the bay, we have fog there and it looks like no one run powerball at $330 million. wow. mostly clouds, sprinkles north. mostly clouds and fog tonight and rain is likely saturday flight and sunday morning. today, the temperatures are mid-to-upper 60's and above average. upper 50's to 60's along the coast in san francisco and
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tonight you can have a better chance of something measurable with fog and mild conditions in the low-to-mid 50's. moving forward if time, watch the continue of the scene and the green dancing along during the lunch hour, evening hours, overnight through tomorrow morning, and tomorrow afternoon, we will see more sunshine than today but temperatures are about the same. today and tomorrow are the warmest days. saturday morning we have sprinkles north and 6:00, this is the rain coming in, light-to-moderate and it is light rain as it exits the south bay by 2:00 on sunday morning. south bay is usual with a rain phase at .1" to quarter inch. seven-day forecast shows temperatures cooler on saturday, back to where we should be lasting law next week with the next chance of rain tuesday and wednesday. now become to leyla gulen. there is snow headed your way? >> wonderful news. if you are thinking of headed to the snow with your sweetheart i
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think of "i've got my love to keep me warm." in squall valley up to 5' base of snow. heavenly has 3.5' to 5' snow base. chains are requireed. 4.5' base at diamond. from the bay area to lake tahoe it will take an average of three to 3 1/2 hours. if you eleven new you will get there just in time for opening. >> don't make me sing "let it snow." >> the next iphone is likely months away but we have a possible review. what is adding credibility to the leaked photos. >> first, love at first swipe? michael finney checks out the smartphone apps bringing singles together in
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now a check with george stephanopolis on "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. >> coming up, a massive snowstorm is slamming the east coast right now turning a hot of roads into parking lot, up to 18" in some areas.
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we are in all the hardest hit places on "good morning america" next. we use our smartphones for everything and new they can find you a date. millions of systems looking at the screens to find someone special. >> valentine's day is a day away so "7 on your side" looks at the grow popularity of dating apps. i never married, no kids. >> lauren, from san francisco, doesn't need to go any further than her smart 15. >> here is a giants fans, looks like he is fun. >> she meets hundreds of bachelors at once. >> it is fund. i have not found prince charming yet the. >> she is among the singles turning toment 15s to meet someone new. there are 2,500 dating apps, lauren is using a popular yap called "tinder" sizing up potential dates by flipping through their photos the she swipes right if she is interests and left if she is not.
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>> he has a lost -- a lot of tattoos. good to know. not for me the. if they like each other she can set up a day. mixed results. >> he rank too much. >> she got stuck with the bill. >> it was a train wreck. >> she met a great guy. we walked out on the by the pier someone she would never have met otherwise. >> even to this is one date it is worth it. >> what happens to lauren and others who use the dating apps tonight at 6:00. morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. including the san francisco celebration putting city hall if a rainbow of colors. bart police taze a man saying he was return -- he was
6:26 am
drunk and uncooperative. were they justified in the use of force? we have the video. i am tracking fog and rain this weekend with timetable and amounts coming up in the seven-day outlook. here is the golden gate bridge shrouded in fog. i will tell you how that is impacting thursday morning commute when abc7 news continues.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning. 6:29 on this thursday. a look at traffic on 680 in walnut creek, with taillights southbound getting heavier as you might expect. weather-wise, it is looking okay. i am katie marzullo here for eric thomas. mike nicco is on the roof. it does not look so clear. mike? >> no, the shot of walnut creek is one of the few areas not dealing with fog. live doppler 7 hd shows
6:30 am
unlimited visibility in the east bay valley and the north bay has half a mile in santa rosa and around the bay we have two at hayward and sfo and we have more than an hour night arrival delays and three at oakland and a mile in san jose. in fact, this is how it looks at 87 near the shark tank looking better here unanimous 280 and 17. thing for was really thick in that area. from the east bay hills camera, a beautiful sunrise, colorful, as we lock back to mount diabolo. here is the forecast the next 12 hours: 48 to 55. overcast this morning. it could look to be drizzle but the mist is blow an empty low-to-mid 60's in the afternoon with clouds. and milder this evening, mid-to-upper 50's and cloudy again. any sprinkles today will stay in the north bay. is the fog affecting the commute? >> it is. it seems like traffic is moving slower off the golden gate
6:31 am
bridge and the say yes bridge and getting very thick but in san francisco we had this usually crash eastbound 80 at 7th street size of 680 at mission boulevard, a stalled vehicle and debris in the lanes. southbound 680 at mission boulevard, it could cause slow-and-go traffic. san jose northbound 87 beyond the julian street off-ramp, foggy with traffic moving fine. >> this on, new video showing bart police tasering a passenger on as other passengers walk. bart is responding. amy hollyfield is at the station with details. >> this is where he got on board the train. some of the passengers on board with him say that he was drunk but they didn't fell he was
6:32 am
threatening. look at video. you can hear the police say for him to get off. he doesn't. he does ask, why? why? why? >> police taze him. he few on the floor. while on the floor they taze him again. bart policy states that for them to use the taser the person must pose an immediate threat. a woman on board has blogged about the incident and is questioning the use of force. she didn't feel like he was a threat to the rest of the passengers. bart police say they are investigating the case. they do have this video. they have given it to an independent auditor. they are looking into it. they say that man was booked into the jail after he was checked out of the hospital. he was booked if resisting arrest and public intoxication. oakland police are investigating a fatal shooting
6:33 am
that left a person dead and three injured. happened at 37th avenue last night before 10:00. two men and two women were shot and officials have not released the conditions of the other three victims. the oakland police department comebliance director is out of the job after being hired to oversee reforms in the department. the federal judge overseeing the reform has fired him and transferring his duties to the court-appointed monitor. the judge determined having both men was too costly and inefficient. he was making $270,000 a a year. >> in the south bay the man who will be tried in the murder of sierra lamar will be arraigned today. garcia torres was arrested two months after her appearance in 2012. she was 15. despite knew rouse -- numerous sevens her body has not been found. there is d.n.a. evidence linking torres to her death.
6:34 am
he was indicted for murder so he will go directly to trial without a preliminary hearing or entering a plea. he was indicted for a strong of violent attacks on women in 2009 in the south bay. the cal community is celebrating the life of a football player who died on friday. a thousand people gathered to remember the 21-year-old ted agu would come slammed -- collapsed during the work out. his life impacted his teammates. >> like he said, we need you. we will take over the world. it was his embracing of life. >> he pushed all of us to become a better person out of football. we don't want to be remembered just for football. >> it will take six to eight weeks to determine the cause of death. he'll be remember by a unanimouser outside the stadium. in san francisco officials and community groups plan to join victim families at van ness
6:35 am
avenue and grove to honor loved ones killed in traffic accidents. have have been four fatal citizens on city street and yesterday morning a man was kill by a drier on van ness near pacific avenue. several supervisors are expected to attend. >> new details in a deadly fire in richmond, investigators are leaning toward an electrical short as the cause of the fire. firefighters found the man dead inside the door of a second floor apartment in a building on south 23rd. shorts have not released his name. a neighbor smelled the smoke but did not think anything of it. >> i got home i smelled it. [ inaudible ] >> the fire was contained to the area near the apartment front door. >> san francisco city leaders are calling the celebration of the event that sparked the battle for same-sex marriages a huge success.
6:36 am
city hall was lit up in rainbow colors in on of the same-sex marriage movement that began 10 years ago. more than 4,000 gay and lesbian couples walked to san francisco to get married after then mayor tuesday some told the city clerk to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. dozens were in san francisco for the 10th anniversary. >> it was the very first time in our lives we felt our government treating us as equal human beings. >> it was just an incredible feeling that suddenly we could be like everyone else. the marriages 10 years ago were all nullified but it toledo a lengthy battle at the polls and in court which ended last june when the supreme court ruled same-sex marriages are now legal in california. ahead, a statewide amber alert is a false alarm. what we are lending about those involved. >> going nowhere fast. the city where commuters spend more time in traffic than
6:37 am
anywhere else in the country. from the roof camera, the sun is coming up and you can see more of a view but it is foggy.
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good morning from the broadcast center. we are searching for the bay bridge. there is a lot of fog if san
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francisco. we are tracking the fog in the central valley. less than quarter-mile visibility in san joaquin valley until 11:00. winds on saturday and sunday and ski lifts could be closed with wind blowing out 25 to 40 and gusting at 60 to 70 miles per hour in the ski resorts the rain in the none part of the state: 64 in click coe and low-to-mid 70's in sacramento and 80 in los angeles and 91 in palm springs and possibly a third record high in lake tahoe but snow is on the way for sunday ands again, possibly on tuesday and wednesday. we desperately need more. >> it sounds like a nice way to get away for valentine's day. i will take you cross the maze, first, we will look at that: the last picture from the emeryville camera with traffic flowing toward 580 under fog, certainly, but traffic is moving slower but
6:41 am
it is still moving. in accidents to report. at the toll plaza all traffic is coming to a standstill because it is backed up. when you get across the bridge you are still going to be underfog and you get to the other side into san francisco and that is where the traffic continues to flow smoothly but slower, eastbound traffic shows headlights moving fine. >> katie? >> thank you. we will stick with traffic with new rankings compiled from caltran confirming what most people already believe: los angeles has the worst traffic in the state with the most contested freeway interstate peeve in los angeles county where drivers spent 6.6 million extra hours in heavy congestion. six of the top ten most condition jested routes are in los angeles county. second is 405 and 101 in los angeles county was third. two bay area freeways made the top ten: interstate 580 in alameda county is number mine and interstate 80 in alameda number ten.
6:42 am
i lie the -- the combination >> at&t and t-mobile and now another giant is slashing photos. >> a leaked photo of the new iphone. >> what we are learning about a "person of interest" who triggered a statewide amber alert and now in
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covering lows lows, petaluma and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> we are following developing news. last night we learned a statewide amber alert for a teen was a false alarm. the teen? that is a woman. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is at headquarters with new details. calling a man "person of interest" but the amber alert was a false alarm. roy mccamey was picked up for questioning last night outside of oakland but will not say if he is the man in this surveillance video. it is believed the man shop lifted from the safeway on odd wood in oakland and carjacked a
6:46 am
man and a 13-year-old girl. police say the three knew each other and it turns owe the girl is actually an adult. police are still looking for her and have in choice but to assume the worst. they believe a christmas was -- a crime was committed. >> we are looking at a crime but with the shift in the investigation investigators are looking at what the crimes will be. we had a theft from 9 store and we have information the suspect was armed with a myself and did make some threats. >> the amber alert was canceled yesterday. witnesses say mccamey was often seen hanging out at the safesway. the suspect stole steak and lobster and was armed with a knife. trading is underway and dow is down 80 points to the legal of 15,883. verizon wireless entering the
6:47 am
provides war saying they are slashing the pries on everything from monthly rates to data and ting. the new "more everything" plan offers $20 off a inly plan when combined with data. they say they are making the cheapest plans better by giving customers more data, including double. >> uber is going on-line in three of china's largest cities, with the app day butting in shanghai followed by covering 50 million new customers. you can use the network of free lands drivers and book a ride. amazon and google are investing. >> new photos circulated on twitter chill to show the new iphone 6 with with a blogger showing off pictures yesterday of a larger phone that is thinner compared to current iphones. some are questioning the
6:48 am
authenticity because it originated from an anonymous twitter account and this morning the website reports that the photos are fake rendered by a well-known con superintendent artist. >> drama, drama, drama. if you forgot, valentine's day is tomorrow and an associated poll finds most adults are excited and look forward to a gift with flowers and candy topping the the list. a third of the folks want to have intangibles such as time together, health, or happiness. >> that should everyone. >> maybe some flowers on top. we will take that much of the fog is tangible this morning for a last you. mike nicco? >> i will get the lady's opinion, i fixed the tv is my wife could watch the olympics. is that enough? >> just kidding. good morning, everyone, the fog in all seriousness, i cannot see
6:49 am
the bay bridge still, the clouds are covering now the tops of the buildings here in san francisco. by far the thickest fog is in santa rosa at half moon half mi. this is 87 near the shark tank. you can see how diffused the picture is. the arrival delays are at sfo. 45 in alum rock. everyone is mid-to-upper 40's. slow and santa rosa and mountain view in the low-to-mid 50's. we have a lot of low-to-mid 50's on either side of the bay up to san francisco. 49 in danville the coolest. half moon bay is coolest at 48. fog shows low clouds hanging around with flight arrival delays an hour and eight minutes. clouds with sprinkles possible. mostly cloudy to foggy tonight.
6:50 am
rain is likely on saturday evening through sunday morning. temperatures today are above average, mid-to-upper 60's with the hack of sunshine and upper 50's to low 60's along the coast in san francisco and mild tonight and a few areas in the upper 40's like napa anded with wood and possible morgan hill. watch radar runs, the green is on the top of the screen headed through the overnight hours and the better part of friday where we will see more sunshine than today for valentine's day with saturday morning we start with drizzle. look at the rain saturday evening, light-to-moderate rain in the north bay and light rain not rest of us through 3:00 on sunday morning and written fall amounts we hope for .1" in 9 south bay and main 1" in the north bay mountains. today and tomorrow are the warmest and back to average on saturday and sunday and next chance of rain is tuesday and wednesday we get valentine's day
6:51 am
and president's day in: dry. leyla gulen? >> we are slowing things down. over the bridges you have to slow your speed down and you want to use the slow peoples not the high ones. in the east bay we have report of a car fire southbound 880 at high street they have shut down the high street off-ramp from southbound 880. you cannot use that exit just use the one after that and you will be fine. no word as to when it will re-open. the drive to the north eastbound 80 we had a big rig that lost the debris and is blocking one lane on the shoulder, but it is enough to cause a little bit spectator slowing westbound traffic is slow through but a stolen pickup truck that crashed
6:52 am
three into vehicles and a power line in oakland at 14th. we will keep you updated. we will look at what is happening in san jose along 101 beyond the nimitz you can see traffic is running smoothly as you head up to the san jose airport. you can watch abc7 news at 11 each night on our website or our mobile apps. if you are watching the olympics, you can use your ipad or smartphone and download the abc7 news app for iphone, ipad or droid at for more information. >> ahead, seven things to know before you go.
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is in a good that comes in 25 flavors. from whole natural to wasabi and soy sauce. and once good gets going, there's no stopping it. get your good going. blue diamond. snack nut of the u.s. ski team. good morning, a look at the skies over the bay. look, east from the sutro tower
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camera. it will be gorgeous sunrise. with the patchy fog and the clouds, you get especially gorgeous picture. >> as we hand things off to "good morning america" here are seven things to know: number one, new video surfaced showing a bart officer tasering a passenger. police say they have received reports the man was drunk and harassing other passengers. he resisted arrest and they used a taser last in. the video has been forwarded to the independent police auditor for review. oakland police are questioning a "person of interest" in amber alert that turned out to be a false alarm. roy mccamey was taken into custody. he and the hand -- man and woman if the car knew each other. 200 people were evacuated from a fire that [ out inside a high-rise near san francisco state university that started around midnight and contained to a 6th floor unit. three were taken to the
6:55 am
hospital. more than 5,100 flights across the nation been canceled for today because of the powerful storm hitting the mid-atlantic and northeast. so far, 81 flights is been canceled in and out of san francisco international airport. >> five, engineers hope to get the first look at the massive sinkhole that swallowed eight vintage corvettes showing how the floor opened up inside the national corvette museum in kentucky. experts think two of the corvettes can be fixed but they will not know for sure. >> six, the fog is thick and it is away the bay. the south bay and the not bay but not so much in the east bay valley. this is how it looks from the east bay hills camera looking back to the gorgeous sunrise that is developing. i have captured a few of the pictures on twitter. >> this is the backdrop if our first forecast: inland we will have a few sprinkles across the north bay but otherwise, clouds and 61 to 68 is the spread. same spread around the bay under
6:56 am
clouds and near 60 along the coast and mostly clouds. a murky drive to come cross the bay headed out of 9 maze toward san francisco it will take you 25 minutes but to the map it is fiery on southbound 880 at high street where the off ramp is blocked because of a car fire. use 66 instead. in oakland a pickup truck slammed into self vehicles but nothing seems to be blocked. >> thank you for joining us. we will see you in 25 minutes.
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good morning, america. what a mess. the massive storm walloping the east coast. drivers trapped in cars all night on the ice. thousands of flights canceled coast to coast. 100 million people waking up to a snowy and snarled commute. our team tracking every aspect of the storm. decision day in the so-called loud music trial. fighting and tears in the courtroom in closing arguments. the case in the hands of the jury. caught on camera. sinkhole stunner. watch this as eight classic corvettes are swallowed up in seconds. 30 feet deep, 40 feet wide, how did it happen? ♪ this is gonna be the best day of my life ♪ >> clean sweep. team usa winning all the medals in men's ski slopestyle this morning. and no more


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